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Know how to rectify the issue when MS Document starts showing Square Boxes instead of Text

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Today as you are well aware of the fact that MS Word is an extensively used text editor in the world, you won’t ever like to face a situation where MS Word starts reacting in a complete different manner. No doubt, this MS Word application is very well equipped with various features that are truly very beneficial. But, this MS Word application has got its own set of issues, which nobody want to face. There are occasions when it gets too hard to open a specific document and if you are able to open the file strangely you get to see junk characters in place of text. Quite naturally, this sort of happening is clear indication to tell that your most important MS Word document has got corrupted. Such damaged document show unusual characters which make it difficult for you or any other user to read the text stored.

Now, there are several reasons that cause such unfavorable situation. Research has already shown that MS Word document is very much prone of getting corrupted due to different reasons such as malfunctioning of software and abrupt system shutdown. However, in the meanwhile when you face any such circumstances, it’s important that you restore the lost data file as soon as possible. It could be very much possible that such error have caused while you were busy in downloading the file. So the best option that you could opt is to try downloading the file once again.

If it doesn't work, then the next best option you could opt is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Make use of  Detect and Repair feature provided in MS Word to restore the content of the corrupt or damaged Word Documents.
  • You can also search for a template file of MS Word, which is named and then either rename or delete the file. With this simple approach, a blank template file gets created in case of deletion of file. However, you must not forget that this template file is also prone to corruption.

But in case all these measures fail, then it is always advisable to switch to repair word 2010 software. By using third party repair word application, it gets lot easier to restore the important data stored in corrupt and inaccessible MS Word document files. No matter whatever is the reason for corruption, with the help of such software you can resolve MS Word file corruption in almost every condition.

The software generates an equivalent folder for each file and stores two file each in every folder that is, one in text format and another in original format. However, the text format features only the textual information and an additional document includes the entire restored objects in their original format. Besides this, the repair word 2010 software also possesses an excellent ability of recognizing the files having UNICODE characters in their name and recovers them in a matter of a few minutes.

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Repair Word Document software is available in trial version as well. The trial version is fully functional and operates very similar to the full version but the repaired documents will feature text DEMO Stamped after each paragraph. To overcome this limitation, you need to purchase the complete version.

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